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What's Patcher's Pack?

Patcher’s pack is a themed activity pack mailed to your little patcher! Inside the pack will be fun, games and activities that you can do with your little one while patching. Loads of things designed to keep your child busy while patching so they can forget about their patch and all the activities are designed to keep your child’s vision constantly challenged. Because every patcher has different visual abilities you’ll find each activity can be completed at different levels. Starting with level 1 (designated by the circle symbol) which is designed for those children with poor visual acuity or those just beginning patching. As your child’s vision improves you’ll want to move to level 2 (designated by the square symbol) and finally for the little ones that have advanced in their patching, level 3 (designated by the star symbol).

When you receive your pack, you can start with level 1 and work your way up. Stop at the level which feels the most accomplished for your child but not overly frustrating. You’ll want to challenge their vision, but if things get too hard, they’ll want to quit and that just means they are not quite ready for that level. So go back down a level and stay there for a few months and then try to move the level up as your child’s vision improves.

These packs are designed to get your child motivated. They are fun and engaging so your child will begin to forget they are wearing an eye patch. It’s designed to make your child’s occlusion time fun, special and hopefully make the time fly by. We realize that children have been prescribed patching for different lengths of time so whether you patch for an hour or 6 hours Patcher’s Pack is all about getting you started and helping you succeed in your occlusion therapy.

What can I find in a pack?

Each Patcher’s Pack has a content list, directions, an explanation about amblyopia and everything you need to make patching fun! Every month, our team creates a pack with a new theme to keep things exciting for your little one!

How does Patcher's Pack help my child with occlusion therapy?

Patcher’s Pack itself doesn’t increase your child’s vision or “fix” amblyopia, but it does help keep your child distracted while patching. One of the biggest complaints we hear from families patching is that they run out of ideas and patching becomes a chore. With Patcher’s Pack we plan all the fun, send it to your home. Then you and your little one can have hours of fun playing the games and doing the activities. We designed every pack with three different levels of difficulty. This allows the pack to grow with your child as his or her vision improves. The levels also help you challenge your child but not let them become frustrated if their vision is very poor in the beginning.

What if my child is using atropine or eye drops to treat amblyopia, will Patcher’s Pack work for them?

Absolutely! Patcher’s Pack is all about helping develop and increase vision. When your child is using eye drops like atropine, it’s like they are patching all the time! The games and activities in the box are perfect for your little one with atropine drops and the patching charts can be modified to color in a space every day that you put a drop in your child’s eye, instead of putting the patch on the paper. Patcher’s Pack can help you motivate your little one by keeping it fun and exciting!

Are eyepatches included in Patcher's Pack?

Eyepatches are not included in Patcher's Pack at this time.

Who's involved with Patcher's Pack?

Patcher’s Pack was developed by Danielle Crull, ABOM a master optician and her daughter Jax Crull, ABOC, american board certified optician. Danielle is owner and operator of A Child’s Eyes, an independent optical store in Pennsylvania. Both Danielle and Jax have helped hundreds of families succeed in their occlusion therapy. “We fill in the gap!” Danielle says, about helping families once they leave the doctor’s offices. “Many doctors prescribe patching, but the reality hits when you get home and try to convince your 3 year old that this is a good idea! That’s why we started our support group and why we developed Patcher’s Pack.” says Danielle.

Also, involved in Patcher’s Pack are Danielle’s two sons, Max Crull, ABOC and Carson Crull, ABOC, both certified opticians as well. Max and Carson handle the on-line and technical support. Carson custom packs and ships your child’s Patcher’s Pack to your door!

How do I get a pack for my child?

It’s easy. Just click on the “Get a Pack!” button and get your pack shipped within 3-5 business days!

*Patcher’s Pack is not medicine or a medical device. It’s not a substitute for occlusion therapy. Always follow your doctor’s recommendations for amblyopia treatment. Patcher’s Pack is designed to help you follow through on those recommendations when you are at home. Occlusion Therapy is a very effective treatment for amblyopia and we want to help you succeed!


How do I purchase a pack?

Patcher's Pack is only avaliable in the United States.

To access our pack store, click on "Get a Pack!" at the top of your screen.

On the first screen, you will see a description of the pack, the price and theme selection, as well as the opportunity to add some Add-ons to your order. Check out What can I add to my Patcher's Pack order? for more details. Once you've made your selection, click "Next".

Pack are available while supplies last. You cannot purchase a pack that is out of order, or purchase more of a single pack than there are available. For more information, check out What if the theme I would like to purchase is unavailable?

On the next screen, you will enter your payment information as well as a billing address. If you want us to ship your pack to an address that isn't your billing address, uncheck "Use this address as my shipping address", then enter your shipping address below. Once you're done, click "Next".

On the final screen, you will see an overview of all the information you've entered. If you see anything incorrect, or you wish to change some information, click "Change".

Once you've confirmed that all of your information is correct, click "Finish and Pay". After a short wait, you will have successfully purchased a pack! We will send you an email containing the details of your purchase.

For more information on accessing your account purchase history, check out How do I access my purchase history?

What can I add to my Patcher's Pack order?

Sibling Pack

Do you have another child that wants to play along? Do you want to encourage your child by playing with them? For an additional $5.00 to your order, we will add additional materials into your child's pack, so that you or another child can play with your patcher.

What can I do to personalize my child's pack?

If you've supplied your child's name, we will address the package to your child! (Your name will aso be on the package). In addition, if you've set your child's birth month, we will send them a special birthday message to celebrate!

What if the theme I would like to purchase is unavailable?

A feature to the store is in the works that will allow you to be notified by email when a certain pack becomes available. As of writing, we do not have this feature implemented yet. For now, you can contact us on Facebook or on our Contact Us page.

How do I access my purchase history?

Your purchase history can be access in your profile under "Purchase History". Detailed information about a specific purchase can be viewed by clicking on "Details".


How do I create a Patcher's Pack account?

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What's Fun Zone?

Fun Zone will be a web page filled with extra activities for your child to do to continue with their occlusion therapy. Subscribe to our newsletter to be informed when Fun Zone becomes available!

How do I subscribe/unsubscribe to the newsletter?

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How can I contact you with more questions?

You can contact our support team by going to our Contact Page.